At Sonic Plating Co. Inc, we continually strive to help reduce the impact on the planet. We consider a “green” company one that takes into account employee teamwork and innovation, as well as energy efficiency and conservation practices.

We are continuously reevaluating our waste recycling operations and systems. As a progressive electroplating company that is committed to making our environment better, we’ve managed to successfully curtail our recycled waste product by 45% as of late 2008. We’ve managed to lower our recycled plating waste down to a yearly average of 53 tons, which is nearly half the amount of treated waste from earlier years. Our recycling treatment prevents any of our waste from being disposed of in local landfills. By recycling, rather than disposing of our recyclable material, we have contributed to the nation’s recycling objectives by conserving natural resources.

We are charter members in the “Strategic Goals Program” (SGP). This is a cooperative effort in the Surface Industry Council and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

We were one of the first electroplating companies in Southern California to recognize the environmental need for chemical changes. We have voluntarily taken steps to make our environment cleaner by:

  • Completely eliminating the use of Cyanide-based chemicals.
  • Completely eliminated the use of Cadmium metal.
  • Significantly reduced the use of Hexavalent Chromium and reduced it with RoHS compliant “Trivalent Chromium.”

At Sonic Plating Co. Inc., we are committed to a continued effort to preserve the integrity of the environment we all live in.